How To Attach A Heavy Mirror To The Wall: DIY

How To Attach A Heavy Mirror To The WallDIY

Some of you may consider installing a large mirror on the wall to reflect your whole body for interior decoration or daily grooming. This month’s article explains how to install such a large and heavy mirror on a wall, which can also be done as a DIY project, so be sure to check it out.

Check the Weight of the Mirror to Be Installed

First, confirming the weight of the mirror you wish to install on the wall is essential.

For example:

  1. A 30cm wide and 120cm long mirror (5mm thick) that can be used as a full-length mirror weighs approximately 4.5kg.
  2. A giant mirror of 90 cm in width and 180 cm in length (5 mm thickness) weighs about 21 kg.
  3. Note that these are the weights of the mirror part, so if there is a frame, etc., it will be heavier than that.

In most cases, the exact weight of the mirror is listed in the product description column, but if you are unsure, you can weigh it on a scale.

Check the Type of Wall on Which the Mirror Will Be Installed

It is very important to check the type of wall where the mirror will be installed, especially if it is heavy.

There are three main types of walls used in a typical house.

Wall type

  • Plank wall
  • Plasterboard wall
  • Concrete walls

Concrete walls can be easily identified visually, but plank walls and gypsum board walls are often covered with wallpaper (cloth) and may not be discernible at first glance.

If you cannot determine the difference at a glance, check it by sticking a thumbtack or a needle in an inconspicuous position.

In the case of plasterboard, it is easy to stick the needle, and at the same time, the white powder will adhere to the needle. In the case of plank walls, it is challenging to stick the needle, and no white powder will appear.

Since plasterboard walls are commonly found, the following two methods of mounting heavy mirrors on plasterboard walls are introduced in the next section.

How to Mount a Heavy Mirror on a Plasterboard Wall Using Mounting Brackets

The method of mounting hardware is to attach metal fittings to the wall and the mirror’s frame (back side), respectively, and hang them on the wall by hooking them together.

There are various types of mounting hardware, such as those made of wood or stainless steel, but there is no difference in the primary installation method.

(1) Procedure using mounting brackets

The procedure for mounting a heavy mirror on a plasterboard wall using mounting brackets is as follows.

  1. Screw the mounting brackets firmly to the frame (back side) of the mirror
  2. Screw the mounting hardware to the wall side as well
  3. Lift the mirror and hook it to the wall so each metal fitting engages.

As described above, the procedure is not complicated, but some points must be noted.

(2) Points to note when using mounting hardware

When using mounting brackets, be careful of the following two points.

Cautions when using mounting brackets

  • Strength of the mirror frame
  • Position the mounting bracket on the plasterboard side.

Depending on the mirror frame, its strength may not be able to bear the mirror’s weight. The design and type of frames vary, so check with the store or manufacturer where you purchased the frame.

You should place the position of the mounting bracket on the wall side on wood or lightweight steel post behind the plasterboard as much as possible to ensure high strength.

If there is no such post at the location where you want to install the mirror, use anchors for plasterboard. In essence, screwing directly into plasterboard won’t actually “screw” (hold firmly). Be careful because this could result in the mirror falling.

Direct Affixing and Installing It on a Plasterboard Wall

Next, we will show you how to install the mirror by affixing it directly to a plasterboard wall. Let’s check the specific procedure.

(1) Procedure for attaching a mirror directly

Attaching a mirror directly to a plasterboard wall is as follows.

  1. Cut the wallpaper one size smaller than the mirror and peel it off.
  2. Decide where to place the double-sided sticker for the mirror and apply a quick-drying bond to the area.
  3. Apply the required number of double-sided stickers for the mirror.
  4. Apply Mirror Bond, an adhesive for mirrors, to the wall.
  5. Press the mirror firmly against the wall to adhere.

The above procedure can be used to install the mirror, but some precautions can also be observed here.

(2) Precautions when attaching directly

Note the following two points when attaching a mirror directly to a plasterboard wall.

Points to note when attaching directly

  • When attaching a frame, use double-sided stickers to adjust the height.
  • Use clasps if necessary.

If you want to attach a frame to a mirror affixed directly to the wall, adjust the height by overlapping the double-sided tape so that there is no gap between the frame and the mirror. To attach the frame, use the double-sided tape to affix it directly to the wall after the mirror is affixed.

Also, use grips to attach the mirror in conjunction with the pins if necessary. Installing grips to support the mirror will increase the strength of the installation.

It is Safe to Ask a Professional to Install Heavy Mirrors.

This article shows how to install a heavy mirror on a wall as a DIY project. Although it can be installed without any problems if done appropriately, it is recommended to ask a professional to do the work if you are not familiar with DIY or if it is your first time doing so.

Market price of interior mirror (mirror) installation

To ensure safety first, consider hiring a professional to install heavy mirrors.

ContentMarket Price
Per Mirror61.15 USD – 91.72 USD

If the mirror should fall due to faulty installation, it could cause serious injury. There is no need to worry about this if you have a professional who is experienced and can install the mirror appropriately for the type of mirror and wall.


Is there a way to mount a heavy mirror on a wall?

There are two ways to mount a heavy mirror on a gypsum board wall:

  1. Using mounting hardware.
  2. Direct mounting. Specific installation methods are introduced in this article.

What precautions should I take when mounting a heavy mirror on the wall?

First, carefully check the weight of the mirror you wish to mount on the wall. It is also essential to check the type of wall if the mirror is heavy. Typical houses use board walls, plasterboard walls, and concrete walls. The mounting method should be selected according to the type of wall.