How To Choose The Perfect TV Stand For Your Home

How To Choose The Perfect TV Stand For Your Home

The TV cabinet is an essential piece of furniture for its decorative aspect and practicality. Versatile, it is not only designed to accommodate your television but also an element that brings character to your living room. You should not take your choice lightly; you have to study your decoration in general, then measure the location where it will be. In this article, we’ll provide tips on choosing the suitable TV stand for your home and room. Along the way, we’ll also explain some of the different types of TV stands available today.

The advantages of a TV stand

Let’s look at the benefits of choosing a TV stand first. It is furniture designed to support your TV, as its name implies. Its main benefit is that it is typically spacious, allowing you to place other decorative items like trinkets or bouquets on it in addition to your device. Some models even come with drawers or storage spaces where you can keep your kids’ CDs, DVDs, games, books, and toys.

Next, a tv stand also reduces clutter in a room. Indeed, as the TV integrates various elements such as cables and speakers, these will not be scattered everywhere. They can be hidden very well thanks to the TV cabinet. In addition, the fact that the TV has a fixed location on the furniture makes it more resistant and durable.  

The TV cabinet comes in different models on the market. You will be spoiled for choice, and there is something for all tastes and sizes. Costs differ between brands and manufacturing materials, but there is also something for every budget. It is a piece of furniture accessible to all.

Which TV cabinet to choose?

To choose furniture that adapts to your interior, consider the following criteria:

What type of TV do you have?

Whenever you get a television, the stand is typically either too tiny or too large. Here are some suggestions for selecting the ideal TV stand for your residence.

  1. You can get a flat-screen TV stand that mounts to the wall if you own one.
  2. If your TV has a built-in stand, search for one that can be adjusted to fit TVs of various sizes and shapes.
  3. Find a stand with wheels for your TV if it stands alone so you can move it about the room.
  4. You can hold your TV with an old curtain or piece of furniture instead of purchasing a stand. Just firmly fasten it to the wall or the ground to prevent it from falling.

How big is your room?

A TV stand with a small footprint can be used in a small room, while one with a larger footprint can accommodate larger TVs. Additionally, consider what type of decor your room has—a modern stand may look best in a sparsely decorated room. In contrast, a more traditional stand may be better suited in a room with more ornamentation.

What are your storage needs?

TV stands come in various shapes and sizes to fit any home. The perfect TV stand for your home depends on your home’s storage needs. If you have a lot of built-in cabinets, you may want to consider a stand with storage underneath. If you don’t have a lot of built-in cabinets, you may want to consider a stand with open storage areas.

The size of the cabinet

The first element to consider is the future location of the furniture. But you also need to consider the design of your interior in general. Ask yourself, for example, if you want to put it in the corner of the living room or front of the sofa, all along the wall.

The furniture’s height should not exceed that of the seat of your sofa so that people watching TV feel comfortable. Then, ensure that the furniture chosen has a length that exceeds your television’s. Some models are designed to be able to lie down. These extendable pieces of furniture are convenient.

Furniture design

If you have a small space in your living room, we advise you to opt for wall-mounted or suspended models. Although some are afraid of the safety of such a system, know that these pieces of furniture are perfectly fixed and secure. The advantage is that you save a lot of space, and the furniture will not be bulky. In addition, you will not have to drill the wall for the suspended model. The wall-mounted model is space-saving, but you must drill the wall to hang it. However, it is an excellent storage unit, highlighting the TV.

Low cabinets are the ones we know best. This model looks a bit like a coffee table but in a bigger size. These models are not too high, and they are less bulky. They are perfect for minimalist decor. To move them quickly, opt for models that incorporate wheels or skates.

Otherwise, you also have adjustable TV cabinets. As the name suggests, they can change the screen’s orientation to any angle, from right to left or bottom to top. Anything is possible.

On the other hand, the reclining models are efficient since they allow you to have a height adjusted according to your needs. They are perfect when watching TV while lying down.  

Finally, as mentioned above, the column style incorporates two columns on both sides of the TV stand. This type of furniture is famous for the storage it offers.

Choose the color and style.

TV stands come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be hard to know what will look good in your home. We’ve developed a guide to help you choose the perfect TV stand for your home.

When choosing a TV stand, consider your style. If you have a modern or contemporary home, choose a stand that looks sleek and modern. If you have a traditional home, go with a more traditional stand.

Another factor to consider is your TV’s size. Most stands accommodate TVs up to 63 inches wide, but some can fit up to 80 inches wide. Make sure you choose the right one for your TV!

And lastly, consider how often you’ll use the TV stand. Some stands are designed daily, while others are meant for occasional use. Choose the one that will work best for you!

Consider the material and finishing.

You should take a few factors into account before purchasing a new TV stand for your home. You must first choose the substance from which the stand will be manufactured. Plastic, metal, or wood are your options. Every one has benefits and drawbacks.

The most expensive but also the most enduring TV stands are often made of wood. If they are properly cared for, they can last for many years. The drawback is that they can be pretty hefty, so you might want to think about a stand that is portable.Metal TV stands are usually less expensive than wooden stands, but they are not as durable. They can bend or scratch easily, which could lead to damage to your TV. They also tend to be less heavy than wooden stands, making them easier to move around.

Plastic TV stands are the cheapest option but are not as durable as metal or wood stands. They can also easily fall apart if not taken care of properly.

The price

Naturally, consider the pricing being given while selecting the ideal TV cabinet. Think about your budget as well. Not always are the best models the most expensive. Your buy must satisfy both your likes and your actual necessities.