How To Chose: The Perfect Sofa For Your Living Room

How To Chose The Perfect Sofa For Your Living Room

You want to make some changes to the inside of your house, but you don’t know how to choose a sofa for the living room. We’ll give you ideas and tips to help you make a good purchase. From our article, you’ll learn which sofa is the most comfortable for the living room and how to put furniture together with other items in the main room of the house.

How to choose the size of sofa: 5 tips for the buyer

Your answers to 5 simple questions will be the tips that will help you understand how to choose the size of the sofa in the hall and not make a mistake:

  1. How many people live in the house?
  2. What is the purpose of furniture?
  3. What is the area of ​​the living room?
  4. Where will the furniture be?
  5. Will the sofa fit in the doorway? 

Types of sofas for the living room

The sofa should be soft and comfortable because it is the room’s main “feature” for having people over. Then everyone who enters the living room wants to sit on it and relax. But how do you pick the best sofa out of all the modern furniture? Sofas are not all the same:

  • Sizes
  • Form
  • Type of assembly and construction.

It is these differences that determine different types of sofas.

By size

Types of sofas by size:

  • Single (sofa, couch)
  • Double
  • Three-seater
  • For 5-8 places.

By form

Depending on the shape, there are the following types of sofas:

  • Straight lines
  • U-shaped
  • Angular
  • Round and semi-round
  • Modular

Classic straight sofas fit wherever (under the wall, under the window).

Large halls fit U-shaped: Sleep on corner sofas (when unfolded, a full-fledged sleeping place is formed).

By type of assembly and design

Depending on the purpose (for sitting or as an additional bed), there are monolithic or folding sofas. And if everything is clear with monolithic sofas, then there are different types of sofas among folding ones:

  • Outgoing dolphin
  • Accordion
  • Clamshell (American, French)
  • With the “cougar” mechanism

What color sofa to choose for the hall

When arranging a home interior, professional designers follow 3 rules of color:

  1. The sofa can be combined with the general color palette of the walls.
  2. Contrast is welcome.
  3. The combination with decor elements (paintings, curtains, carpet) is always in trend.

Put, if you can’t find a sofa in the same lilac color as the walls – no problem: plus or minus a few tones will also work. The most important thing when choosing the color of a sofa is that you like it and it should not annoy you once more. Even if everyone around you shouts that a red sofa is the icing on a gray living room cake like yours, don’t rush to spend money. First, consider whether you will be nervous every time you sit on it, if red is absolutely “not your” color.

The style of the living room is also important:

  • Classics love all shades of brown (from light beige to dark walnut)
  • Golden, red (from red to burgundy)
  • Gentle pastel tones (pink, milky) and green colors are suitable for Provence
  • High-tech, modern and minimalism advantageously emphasize white, gray, silver, black, eggplant, dark green
  • Complement bold art deco with equally bold rich colors such as blue, yellow, turquoise.

By the way, the bean bag chair will be an interesting addition to the living room sofa in the “loft” style.

We choose a sofa according to the upholstery material

Upholstery material is no less important than its color. The service life will depend on the quality of the upholstery: one fabric loses its presentable appearance after 3 years, and the other looks new even after 5 years. For furniture upholstery, use:

  • Leather, eco-leather
  • Suede, velor, microvelor
  • Flock, jacquard