How To Clean Your Sash Windows

How To Clean Your Sash Windows

Do you clean the windows? Cleaning around the windows seems to be a hassle, but if you follow the primary method, it will not take much time. This time, I will detail the cleaning method to clean the window from the basics.

The basics of cleaning glass windows?

First, let’s check the cleaning range of the window. Clean the following three places around the window.

  1. Glass (inside/outside)
  2. Screen door
  3. Sash, rail

It’s easy to notice only the conspicuously dirty glass, but the screen doors and sashes are also quite dirty, so please clean them thoroughly.

When the windows are cleaned, what kind of dirt is removed?

There are various stains on the windows. The outside is dirty with dustmudpollen, etc., contained in the air, and the inside is dirty with hand stains and dust. These stains are easy to remove. Wiping is enough to remove it, so let’s finish it quickly.

How do clean windows?

Newsprint for cleaning glass

What to prepare

1. Mandatory

  • Newsprint
  • bucket
  • Trash bags

2. Convenient to have

  • Carbonated water
  • Alcohol disinfectant spray

The windows are simple to clean. “Wipe with water and dry the surface with the rolled newspaper.” Cleaning from the interior to the exterior is effective and uses less dirt. Newsprint fibers easily entangle dirt and are less likely to tear than cloth. Additionally, the ink used in newspaper lettering is disposable and provides a “glossy look.”

Prepare the tools and follow the steps below:

  1. Roll the newspaper. Cut one page of the newspaper spread in half and roll it up. Make about 4 to 6 balls per window.
  2. Wet half of the rolled newspaper and leave it for wiping with water and the other half for dry wiping.
  3. Wipe from the corner with water and clean the windows evenly from the upper corner. If you “advance sideways in a U-shape,” it will be challenging to leave unwiped areas. It’s easy to remove sebum stains on your fingerprints with an alcohol spray.
  4. Wipe dry when the windows are clean. Wipe them dry with a dry newspaper ball. When wiping dry, the trick is to “wipe vertically” to prevent water from dripping.
  5. Wipe the back side if you clean the inner and outer surfaces in steps (3) and (4). The windows will be shiny, so you can mistake them with just the newspaper.

How to clean windows?

Paper mop for screen doors

What to prepare

1. Mandatory

  • Paper mop such as “Quickle Wiper.”
  • Three-dimensional adsorption wet sheet

1. Attach a wet type sheet to the paper mop

  • If the handle is long, moving will be challenging, so keep it short.

2. Wipe the screen door

Move the mop vertically and horizontally with a light force to wipe both sides of the screen door. When wiping from the outside, close the window glass so that the screen door does not get dirty in the room.

How do clean windows?

Use a toothbrush for sashes and rails.

What to prepare

1. Mandatory

  • Toothbrush
  • Spray with water or a plastic bottle
  • Newspaper

Finally, clean the dirtiest window sash. The window sash may be black due to dust and sand.

1. Scrape out rough dirt

First, use water and a toothbrush to remove rough dirt.

2. Blow up with newspaper

After that, wipe it off with a newspaper, and you’re done. If you don’t have a newspaper, you can use a rag.

Points to recommend well

The key to successful window cleaning is determining the weather and the range of cleaning each time. If you hold down these two, the finish will be satisfactory.

Perform on humid weather days

Some weather conditions are suitable for window cleaning. It was a cloudy day or just after the rain. Due to the increased humidity, dirt on the windows is loosened, making it easier to scrape off.

First, decide the range.

It is also essential to decide the range of window cleaning first. If the windows are adjacent to your house and are inconspicuous, you can reduce the psychological burden by adding sharpness, such as cleaning only the windows that you can see well from the front.

Recommended cleaning goods!

For those who want to clean the windows more beautifully, it is recommended to use two, “Microfiber Cloth” and “Melamine Sponge.”

How to use a microfiber cloth

“Microfiber cloth” is a cloth made of ultra-fine fibers. Made of fine fibers, it has fewer dripping marks or fiber residue when used to clean window panes than when using a rag or newspaper. You can also cleanly remove dark spots.

How to use melamine sponge

“Melamine sponge” can be used for cleaning screen doors. You can steadily remove the darkening of the mesh that could not be removed with just a paper mop. After using it, small dust like an eraser residue will fall off, so you can suck it with a vacuum cleaner, and you’re done. You can also use it to clean the sash by cutting and adjusting the size. Lightly pour water on the sash and push out the remaining water with a sponge for a beautiful finish.

How to deal with mold?

What to prepare

1. Mandatory

  • Chlorine bleach, such as “mold killer.”
  • Kitchen paper
  • Dust cloth

If you occasionally clean the windows, mold may grow on the packing and crate without you even noticing it. If you use a mold remover such as “Mold Killer,” it will be beautiful. However, if you use it as it is, the liquid will drip, so prepare “kitchen paper” and “wrap.” If you apply detergent and wrap it from above, the liquid will stay and penetrate firmly. A gel-type “mold killer” that does not drip is also on sale, so please purchase it if necessary.

Brighten your house by cleaning windows

Just clean the windows once every two months, and the inside of the room will become brighter. In winter, it becomes easy for condensation to form around the windows, and if you leave it alone, mold will form immediately, so wipe off the condensation on the window frame when you wake up in the morning about once a week. It may seem like a hassle, but removing the sticky mold is problematic if left unattended.

Daily maintenance will save you a lot of trouble. Please start your day comfortably by receiving the sunlight shining through the shiny windows.