How To Hide The Wiring: Make The Messy Look Neat

How To Hide The Wiring Make The Messy Look Neat

Wiring can quickly become cluttered and affect the appearance of a room, so it is a headache to find a way to hide it. Many homes have trouble coming up with good ideas.

Almost all of us have to deal with computer wires, HDMI cables, wifi routers, and chargers daily, and finding elegant ways to hide them can be difficult. This is especially important for those who have converted our living rooms or guest rooms into home offices for remote work.

Here we introduce some ideas for hiding wiring using things you already have in your home.

Should I Hide the Wiring in the First Place?

We have all experienced at least once the feeling of being “disturbed” by a mess of tangled cords.

It is recommended to hide the wiring, which can make it easier to clean and look cleaner.

Another method is to use long cords and make a stroke design on the wall like an artwork to create a “showcase.” Still, if many appliances are connected, there will be many cords, so the clutter will inevitably disappear.

To make your home appear tidy, hide them as much as possible and keep them out of sight.

What is the Point of Hiding Wiring?

When hiding wiring, it is essential to be conscious of “bundling” and “organizing” as much as possible, rather than just masking them, to avoid clutter.

For example, if many cords extend from a single power strip, it will look messy. By preparing a box and “bundling” and hiding each power strip, only the cables up to the tachometer are visible and can be kept to a minimum.

Also, if you have several cords extending from an outlet, you can “bundle” the lines using a cable tie to keep them together for neat storage.

Next, we will introduce some specific ideas for ” hiding” the cords. The method of “hiding” will vary depending on the room, so please look at these ideas.

(1) Put wiring in a basket (box)

Long, excess wiring makes the room look unorganized and messy. We recommend using a basket for storing power strips and slack wiring behind the TV that clutter the floor.

Bundle the cords, so they don’t spread out and hide them in the basket along with larger power strips. We recommend baskets with lids that also keep out dust. Even if the basket does not have a cap, you can cover it with a cloth to hide the wires.

(2) Put them in a wire net

We recommend using wire netting for storage behind TVs and audio sets, where cables are often interspersed.

Attach a wire net to the back of a TV set and tie the bundled wires. If you have a wire net and a bandage or twine, you can use it immediately.

(3) Flap cords

This method is ideal for concealing cords floating in the air around desks and extension cords extending to the floor.

Bundle the cords and stretch them along the edge of desk legs or furniture. Utilize double-sided tape or string to secure them in place. The floor can be cleared by simply bundling the cords and pulling them close to the wall and floor, but to prevent them from spreading out, a “braid” can be utilized to make them more discreet.

Valuable Goods for Hiding Wires

You can store wiring even with goods, but using particular interests will make it more functional and stylish in appearance. Here are some examples for your reference. Please try to find one that matches the atmosphere of your home.

Flat braid

This braid can be easily installed by simply attaching a sticker to the back. You can choose right-angle curved types and different colors to suit your room, and we recommend these for long hiding cords. Another excellent point is that the length can be adjusted by cutting with scissors.

Table top box

This is a dedicated wiring concealer used on the floor or a desk. It has a small window and allows easy operation of power strips with the touch of a button.

Cable Tray

This cable tray can be attached to the edge of a table. Unsightly, power strips can be neatly hidden behind the desk.

Before You Hide the Wires, Make Them Easier to Find With a Little Effort

Once the wires are connected, there is little need to worry about other timing. That way, you won’t be able to find the cords when it’s time to replace them.

Make a tag with masking tape, so you know which code it is, so you can easily find it when you check it later.

It’s easy: write what cord on the masking tape and wrap it around like a tag.

Make Your Living Space More Comfortable by Neatly Hiding Wiring

Messy wiring is long and difficult to hide. Remember that wiring is basically “bundled (collected) and hidden.

Once the wiring mess is eliminated, it will be easier to vacuum. Dust is also less likely to accumulate, making it easier to keep the area clean.

Helpful Suggestions

We cannot dispute that we live in a time when technology is essential for carrying out many everyday chores, as well as making our lives a little easier; yet, one of the drawbacks of this is the presence of wires and connections.

If you identify with this issue, remember that concealment is possible. Cable guides are frequently available in various colors that can blend well with the backdrop walls, whether in electric or vintage colors. If you like, paint them in a way that creates good harmony in your home.

Another way to organize the messy wires in your home is to cut them to the exact length. This way, you will eliminate the bulk and somewhat (not entirely) hide the problem. The cables should be straight and away from the main path or where they could be more visible, and you can stick them against a wall. If you want to hide them, you can place some object in front of them. A piece of furniture is perfect (basket, work of art, or everyday objects transformed into a specialized table). In the case of boxes, make a hole in the bottom, where the cables will enter. This will not only be more aesthetic but also functional in case you need to make any adjustments.