How To Make Toys And Accessories From Pet Bottle Caps

How To Make Toys And Accessories From Pet Bottle Caps

Depending on your creative ideas, you can use plastic bottle caps for various crafts. Caps (lids) can be used as bases for making small items and as miniature containers. This issue introduces easy-to-follow instructions for making plastic bottle caps into crafts that adults can enjoy just as much as elementary school students and kids.

Discussing Pet Bottle Caps

Plastic bottle caps, which we typically use to drink from casually, are transformed into valuable items and stylish accessories! The allure of plastic bottle caps as craft supplies lies in their portability, sturdiness, and wide range of colors. Let’s try making artwork that kids and adults enjoy using standard PET bottle caps.

Pet bottle caps sizes

Every day, PET bottles can be seen in supermarkets and in TV commercials, but do you know how big the caps are? The diameter is approximately 28 to 30 mm, and the height is approximately 15 mm, though there may be some variations in size depending on the manufacturer. Please keep this in mind when deciding on the cap size.

Pet bottle caps’ materials

The PET bottle’s contents, such as mineral water, tea, or carbonated beverages, may affect how the cap is shaped, but it is made entirely of plastic. As a result, drilling holes with a drill is simple.

Plastic bottle caps’ various colors

Plastic bottle caps are available in various hues to complement the style and type of beverage. You can use the vivid colors readily available to make large-scale artwork with various colors or colorful toys.

Plain or solid caps are also offered, in addition to caps that bear the manufacturer’s logo or the product’s name.

Simple Plastic Bottle Cap Crafts

Numerous colorful plastic bottle caps are fantastic materials for toys and crafts. Here are some kid-friendly crafts and small art pieces that adults can appreciate, along with instructions on how to make them. Enjoy the transformation of plain plastic bottle caps.

Children’s Toys (boys)

(1) Making a yo-yo out of plastic bottle caps

Here we show you how to make a yo-yo, one of the children’s favourite toys. You can make your own with tools such as scissors, a hole punch, vinyl tape, a screwdriver, and a plastic bottle cap. If you color the sides of the lid with vinyl tape or masking tape, it will look beautiful when it spins.

(2) How to make a fidget spinner with a plastic bottle cap

Hand spinners, which are very popular with children, can also be made from plastic bottle caps. Decorate them with glittery lame powder or sequins, and the glitter will reflect beautifully when they spin, creating a stylish atmosphere. You can make it with familiar materials such as cardboard and toothpicks, so why don’t you try it?

Easy Crafts With Plastic Bottle Caps: Toys

When you buy toys for small children at the store, you may be surprised at the relatively reasonable prices. Recycled toys using plastic bottle caps that can be made in large quantities and appreciated by children are easy on the mother’s wallet. Moreover, You can change the colors and patterns of the toys according to the child’s preference.

Children’s toys (girls)

(1) Crafting a handmade hat for Licca

The first half of the video shows how to make a stylish white hat with a brim, like the one worn by the elevator girl, and a red hat. Both pieces are made from plastic bottle caps. The lids can be painted with acrylic paint in any color you like so that you can make them to your daughter’s liking.

(2) Easy! Craft a sticky homemade toy

Here are some simple toys that stick together like blocks and magnets. The secret to making them stick together is Velcro. Use Velcro to attach two plastic bottle caps and make various shapes. You are sure to come up with some unique creations.

Easy Crafts With Plastic Bottle Caps

Here is a play using plastic bottle caps that can be easily made home. It is a classic family-style play that not only children but also adults can enjoy. Please enjoy with your family and friends with your handmade creations. You can make parts even if they are broken or lost.

Children’s Play: 1

(1) How to make a plastic bottle cap Reversi

Plastic bottle caps are just the right size for Reversi parts. It is easy to make. Prepare white and black round stickers. Fill the inside of the cap with tissue or other stuffing and put the white and black stickers on the front and back. If you change the color of the drawing paper to green, it will look like an Reversi board.

(2) How to make a plastic bottle cap memory game

It’s a brain game using plastic bottle caps. Prepare as many lids of the same color and shape as possible, and put stickers on the flat part (top of the lid) to separate them by color; flip over two lids at the same time, and if you hit a lid with the same sticker on it, you get your share of the game, and the person who wins the most wins.

Easy Plastic Bottle Cap Crafts

Although they are small plastic bottle caps, they have great potential as craft materials. Depending on your ideas, they can become educational toys or games like those in the Olympics. You and your child can enjoy making parts together on the stage of making parts. The memory of making something together with your child and parent will become a wonderful memory.

Games for children: 2 types

(1) Plastic bottle caps, picture matching work

First, prepare a storage case with compartments that can be found at the store. Next, put various kinds of stickers on each compartment. We recommend stickers of fruits, animals, alphabets, hiragana, etc. Have the children put the plastic bottle caps with the same picture stickers on them into the case, matching the pictures.

(2) How to make a plastic bottle cap curling

This is a curling game in which marbles are placed inside plastic bottle caps to make them spin. It is more interesting to play than just flipping the plastic bottle caps with your fingers because there is less friction. The rules are the same as in curling, with the winner being the person who hits the cap closest to the centre of the target.

Easy Crafting With Plastic Bottle Caps

Lightweight and durable plastic bottle caps can be used as a base for crafts. Here we will show you two ways to make stylish hats, so please try them out. The finished hats are also cute when used as magnets or straps.

Stylish hats

(1) How to make a plastic bottle cap and a straw hat

Straw hats are the most popular summer hats. We recommend using a plastic bottle cap as the core to make a mini-sized hat. Use brown paper strings available at home centres as straw, and glue them together with wood glue. Finally, attach decorations such as handicraft parts to complete the process.

Use colorful strings to make an original hat. Using string, you can draw a circle well and create a highly finished work of art. Attaching the string at the end and pinning it to the wall will become a wall decoration. They will look even more stylish and fabulous if you arrange them in different colors and decorations

Simple Plastic Bottle Cap Crafts

Here is a handmade accessory that even adults will want. It has a beautiful round shape because of the plastic bottle caps inside. Add color and glamour to your daily life with these stylish handmade accessories. They are cute enough for even small children to enjoy.

Simple accessories that adults will want too

(1) Plastic Bottle Cap/Hairpin

Using the stylish hat introduced in “Easy Plastic Bottle Cap Craft 5”, this is a hairpin craft. This hat is made using cloth instead of a string. It is a cute accessory that would make an excellent gift for a little girl or a friend.

Easy Plastic Bottle Cap Craft

Here are some of the most decorative handmade works using plastic bottle caps. They are elaborately made like sundries sold in stores. How to make them If you are interested, please refer to the instructions and try your hand at making them.

Handmade Stylish Accessories

(1) How to make a plastic bottle cap and pin

Make a hole in the centre of a plastic bottle cap with a pin and stick the pin in from the inside. Then, using a needle and thread, cover the whole thing with felt and decorate the surface for a simple handmade accessory. In addition to holding a small note or pinup, you can stick it on as a decoration to create a picture.

Easy Crafts with Plastic Bottle Caps

Here are some cute and fashionable accessories for adults. They will be appreciated when given as a small return gift or present. These are stylish accessories that you will want to collect with different variations.

Stylish handmade accessories

(1) How to make plastic bottle caps and memo stands

In the first part, we will cause elements to decorate the memo stand in the second part. Deco parts are not commercially available but are handmade from paper clay. Acrylic paints are mixed with paper clay, such as ice cream and colored.

Easy Plastic Bottle Cap Craft

There are many crafts using plastic bottle caps, but the one introduced here is stationery that can be used on your desk. You can make them with your children or give them as gifts and enjoy them in a way that only handmade products can.

Handmade Stationery

(1) How to make plastic bottle caps and stamps

This stamp is a simple idea using plastic bottle caps. Food trays make stamp shapes, making them entirely from recycled materials. Logos are one of the children’s favourite toys, so I am sure they will enjoy them. Let’s start with shapes that are easy to make, such as hearts.


We’ve introduced works made with plastic bottle caps and more elaborate works you wouldn’t know were made with bottle caps. Please try these easy projects that children and adults can enjoy.