How To Remove Rust From kitchen knives

How To Remove Rust From kitchen knives

What do you do with rusted knives? Many people are worried about it but don’t know how to remove it and leave it as it is. If you find rust spots or metal deterioration on your kitchen knives, don’t panic.

Rust is an accumulation of iron and other metal salts on metal surfaces. It can form on tools, equipment, or even on the inside of metal pipes. Rust often appears as small, rusty pellets that can be difficult to remove.

There are a few ways to remove rust from kitchen knives. One option is to use a rust removal pad or liquid. Another option is to use a wire brush. Finally, you can use a sandpaper block and steel wool to remove rust.

This time, I will introduce a simple way to remove rust on a kitchen knife.

What causes kitchen knives to rust?

The reason why kitchen knives rust is very simple. It has to do with “humility.” It will rust if you leave it wet for a long time after washing it or put it away in a drawer.

However, light rust is easy to remove. Light rust is only on the surface, so we can easily remove it with proper processing.

The material of the kitchen knife makes it easier to rust!

The rustiness of kitchen knives varies depending on the material. Currently, the most commonly used materials for kitchen knives are steel, stainless steel, and ceramics. Steel knives are especially prone to rust and can even rust within a few hours.

The sharpness is said to be the best, but it is not recommended for people who suffer from rust. Compared to steel, stainless steel does not rust easily, and ceramic does not rust.

If you have trouble with kitchen knives frequently rusting due to the kitchen environment, you can rest assured that you can choose something other than steel.

How to remove rust using a cleanser

First, I will introduce how to remove rust using a cleanser. (I use stainless steel knives.)

what to prepare

  • Cleansers
  • Sponge

Rust on kitchen knives can be cleaned by using a cleanser. Let’s drop it with the following procedure.

Step 1: Scoop up a high home

First, attach a cleanser to the sponge or cloth. If there is not much rust, a small amount of cleanser is OK.

Step 2: Polish your kitchen knife at high home

All you have to do is rub the cleanser on the rust. Rub it and wash off the cleanser, and you’re done. Just by rubbing it with a cleanser, the rust on the knife was quickly removed, and it became shiny.

How to remove rust using baking soda

Next, I will introduce how to remove rust using baking soda.

what to prepare

  • Baking soda
  • Wine cork

Step 1: Wet the knife

First, lightly moisten the knife.

Step 2: Polish with baking soda

Sprinkle baking soda evenly over the rusty areas.

Step 3: Polish

  • All you have to do is rub it with a wine cork. You’re done. Clean it and wipe off the water with a dry cloth.
  • The rust of the kitchen knife that was attached at the beginning,
  • I was able to drop it cleanly.

How to prevent rust on kitchen knives

When using a kitchen knife, you may feel that the sharpness has decreased? However, it is difficult to know when to take care of it.

  • Rust on kitchen knives is caused by “moisture,” so removing it is the best prevention.
  • After washing, wipe off the moisture and ensure it is scorched before storing it in a drawer.
  • It is also recommended to place a small moisture remover where you store your knives.

When kitchen knives start to rust!

When using a kitchen knife, you may feel that the sharpness has decreased …? However, it is difficult to know when to take care of it.

The reason why knives lose their sharpness is very simple. This is because the cutting edge wears out.

The cutting edge was sharp when I bought it, but every time I cook, it rubs against the cutting board and ingredients, and it’s curling up to a level that I can’t see. If you cook every day, the sharpness will inevitably fall.

Dealing with knife rust as soon as it is discovered is essential. If you leave it as it is, the rust will get worse and worse, and in the worst case, the handle may snap off. Check your kitchen knife regularly and remove the rust as soon as possible.