How To Remove Stubborn Stains On Tiles: DIY

The tile area of the entryway is a common place for dust and dirt entering from outside the house to accumulate. Dirt that gets into the bumps and joints of the tiles is difficult to clean by sweeping. This article will show you how to clean entryway tiles using OxyClean or any other detergent that lifts and removes dirt.

Tools for Cleaning Entrance Tiles

OxyClean is a popular detergent for removing various stains from the house. You can use detergent to remove stuck-on dirt and other stains from the entrance tiles of your house. Here is an explanation of detergent and some tools that are useful to have.

(1) Detergent floats and removes dirt

OxyClean is an oxygen bleach born in the United States. When dissolved in hot water, it creates enzyme bubbles that remove stains. It has been talked about as a convenient detergent because it can remove stains not only from tiles but also from clothes, dishes, and other materials that can be washed in water.

Entrance tiles come in two types: those with smooth surfaces and those with rough, bumpy surfaces. Bumpy materials are easy for dirt to penetrate, so it is best to remove stains by floating them off.

(2) Useful Tools for Cleaning Entrance Tiles

Here are some tools that are useful for cleaning entrance tiles.

Handy tools to have

  1. Broom and dustpan
  2. Rubber gloves
  3. Bucket or washbasin
  4. Deck brush or sponge
  5. Small brush or toothbrush
  6. Draining wipes (squeegee)
  7. Rags or sponges

Prepare a few pieces to wipe dry for finishing and remove dirt instead of brushes.

Entrance Cleaning Procedure Using Oxyclean

Here are the steps for cleaning entryway tiles using OxyClean.

(1) Remove dust and debris with a broom

Move umbrella stands, shoes, and other items inside the entryway, and sweep accumulated dust and debris with a broom.

(2) Make a solution of OxyClean in hot water

Using hot water at 40-60°C, dissolve the OxyClean using the following amounts as a guide. Adjust the amount of OxyClean according to the stain.

Amount of Oxyclean for cleaning the front door

  • 4 liters of hot water: 5 spoons provided or 4 lightweight spoons line 4 OxyClean

(3) Pour the OxyClean solution over the tiles.

Pour the OxyClean solution over the floor and leave it for 5 minutes to float the stains. If you cannot run water, such as in an apartment, use a sponge to dab the foam and blend it in.

(4) Scrub the floor

After 5 minutes, scrub the entire surface with a deck brush or sponge to remove dirt. Use a small brush for small areas.

(5) Rinse or wipe with water

Once the stain is removed, rinse off the detergent. Scrub with a deck brush or sponge so that no detergent remains. If you cannot run water, wipe with a rag or sponge several times to remove the detergent.

(6) Open the door and let it dry.

After washing with water, dry the tiles by allowing the doorway to air dry. Make sure to dry them thoroughly, as any moisture left on them will cause mold growth.

Points to Keep in Mind When Cleaning Entrance Tiles With Oxyclean

Depending on the material of the entrance tiles, cleaning with OxyClean may not be suitable. Here are some points to keep in mind when cleaning entryways with OxyClean.

(1) Do not pour water down the entrance of an apartment building.

Floors in condominiums are often not waterproofed. Pouring water directly on the floor may cause leakage, so please clean the floor with a sponge or rag to wipe off the detergent.

(2) Do not use Oxyclean depending on the material

If the tile material is natural marble or granite, avoid using detergent as it may cause stains or alteration.

(3) Remove detergent thoroughly after removing stains

If detergent is left on the tiles, it may leave white marks on the surface. Wash with water properly or wipe with a rag or sponge several times to remove it.

Call a Professional if the Stains on the Entrance Tiles Cannot Be Removed Even With Oxyclean

Entrance tiles, easily accessible to dirt from outside the house, are often dirtier than they look. Try using OxyClean to remove mud stains that have gotten into the tiles’ bumps with the foam’s power.

If there are stubborn stains that cannot be removed by scrubbing with OxyClean, we recommend hiring a professional cleaning service.

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Can OxyClean be used to clean entrance tiles?

Entrance tiles can have smooth or rough, bumpy surfaces. OxyClean is perfect for cleaning bumpy entrance tiles because it uses the power of bubbles to remove dirt.

If the tile material is natural marble or granite, avoid using detergent as it may stain or alter the surface. Also, detergent left on the tiles may leave white marks. Make sure to remove the detergent thoroughly.