How To Use A Vacuum Cleaner On A Daily Basis To Remove Dirt

How To Use A Vacuum Cleaner On A Daily Basis To Remove Dirt

Are you cleaning your carpets properly? Carpets are prone to dust and debris getting deep into the fur. You may also worry about stains, such as sebum stains from walking barefoot or rough spots from pets. In this article, we will show you how to clean carpets with many invisible stains effectively and how to remove stains and odors that have gotten on them.

Vacuuming daily can also extend the life of your carpets and furniture. In this article, we’ll show you how to use a vacuum cleaner daily to remove dirt, dust, and other debris from your floors.

Carpet Stains This and That

Carpet stains are not very noticeable, but if you look closely with your eyes, you will find small debris entangled in the fibers.

Spills, dust, dirt, sebum, hair, mites, and even pollen may get into the carpet when you open a window.

Since there is a lot of this invisible debris, vacuum well in your daily cleaning.

Routine Carpet Care: How to Vacuum and How Often

When vacuuming a carpet, the key is not to press down hard but to push and pull slowly and repeatedly as if making the letter W. Aim to vacuum 1 square meter in at least 20 seconds.

Vacuuming frequency should be once or twice a week, even if dirt is not a concern.

Wipe Down Carpets Once a Month

On the once-a-month wipe-clean Day, vacuum more carefully than usual.

Vacuum slowly, paying attention to the reverse direction of the carpet hairs, as if you are sucking the air out of the roots of the hairs while raising them.

Various methods of carpet cleaning

Wiping removes sebum and dirt from the carpet. When wringing out a cloth and wiping, wiping with hot water is recommended over wiping with water.

Also, alcohol spray will dissolve the sebum and make it easier to wipe away. After wiping, please take care to allow the carpet to dry.

  • Wipe the carpet with a fiber cloth wrung out with hot water of about 40-50°C
  • Dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in 300 ccs of hot water of about 40-50°C, and wring out the soaked fiber cloth to wipe.
  • Spray the carpet with alcohol spray for sterilization, etc., and wipe with a dry fiber cloth.


Alcohol spray and cloths wrung out with baking soda cannot be used on wool or silk carpets. When using alcohol spray, check for color fading in an inconspicuous place.

How to Remove Stains and Odors of Concern

(1) How to remove water-based stains such as juice from carpets

Vacuum the area where the stain is located to remove debris before starting stain removal.

  1. Spray water to loosen the stain. Be careful not to spread the stain by rubbing at this time.
  2. Spray with a commercial carpet cleaner and brush the stain with a soft brush from the outside to the inside of the stain to lift it out.
  3. Wipe it off with a stiffly wrung cloth.
  4. Repeat steps (2) to (3) to remove the stain.
  5. Finally, wipe thoroughly with water to remove the detergent content and dry.

(2) Oil-based stains such as lipstick and dressings

If there is an oily stain, deal with it as soon as possible.

  1. Prepare anhydrous alcohol or benzene, and check for color fading in an inconspicuous place on the carpet.
  2. Spray water around the stain to dampen it.
  3. Apply benzene or anhydrous alcohol to a cloth and press it against the stain to transfer the stain to the cloth. Repeat the transfer process, changing the location of the cloth until the stain is gone.
  4. When the stain is removed, squeeze the cloth with water, wipe off the alcohol or benzene, and dry.

(3) Pet urine stains and odors

Absorb the water and wipe with water or hot water.

  1. Press a dry cloth or pet sheet against the rough spots to transfer the moisture. If there is a large amount, place a pet sheet under the carpet and remove the moisture from the top and bottom.
  2. After that, wipe with a stiffly wrung cloth several times. If the stain or smell is noticeable after a long time.

In the case of rough skin where you are concerned about stains and odors over time

  1. Spray water on the stain to loosen it.
  2. Brush the stain with a soft brush using a commercially available detergent from the outside to the inside to lift the stain.
  3. Blot the stain with a stiff cloth and repeat until the stain is removed.
  4. When the stain is removed, wipe off the detergent and allow it to dry.

Notes on Cleaning Curtains

There are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning curtains. Remember to keep your curtains clean without damaging them.

Change the strength of the vacuum cleaner depending on the material.

Luxury curtains such as made-to-order are often made with particular attention to fabrics and materials. There are also curtains with soft fabrics, such as lace curtains. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner as it may damage the fabric of the curtain. Also, wiping with a rag may cause stains.

For soft fabrics, change the strength of the vacuum cleaner or ask a professional cleaning company to clean it properly.

Don’t forget to dust off the curtain rails.

Daily maintenance tends to focus only on dirt on the curtain’s surface, but dust also accumulates on the curtain. In particular, the top of the curtain rail tends to collect dust, so be sure to remove it regularly and keep it clean.

Check if the material is washable.

Depending on the curtain’s material, it may not be possible to wash it at home. Also, even if you can wash it, the optimum temperature and whether it can be bleached will differ depending on the material.

Request House Cleaning at Market

This article introduces the usual care of carpets and how to remove stains of concern. Unlike synthetic fiber carpets, wool carpets are difficult to care for by yourself. However, sending large, heavy carpets to the cleaners is difficult.

The market has many professionals registered to provide on-site house cleaning services. Find a professional in your area and ask them to come to your home!