Shower Head Replacement: How To Choose The Correct Method And Size?

Shower Head Replacement How To Choose The Correct Method And Size

If you use the shower for a long time, the momentum will be weakened, and a bunch of water will fly around, making it inconvenient to use. It is a sign of exchange.

However, if you don’t take care of it usually, you don’t know what to do if you want to replace it. Shower head mounting location, spray pattern and type significantly impact the spray’s direction, water pressure, and even where the spray impacts your body. Reading this article, you may learn more about shower heads and the critical product elements to consider before purchasing a new shower head for your house.

Can I replace the shower head?

When you hear the word “replacement of the shower head,” you might think of the difficult work done by a specialist, but it’s straightforward.

Once you learn how to do it, you can easily replace it when something goes wrong and when you want to refresh your mood.

This time, we will introduce “how to choose a shower head that suits the hose” and “how to replace the shower head” in order.

Check if it can be repaired

Replacing the shower head is very easy, but if you don’t have to replace it, it’s best to leave it as it is. If the water does not come out well from the shower head, there may be dirt inside, so if you remove that dirt with cleaning, the water may come out well.

Be patient and try to clean the shower head with a fine-tipped skewer. Finally, remove the shower head and lightly rinse it to complete. Even if you don’t bother to buy a new one, you can easily remove minor stains with this.

How to choose?

Replacement shower heads are sold at home improvement stores and on the Internet. You can choose according to your preference, but be aware that “screw sizes vary depending on the manufacturer.” If you make a mistake in the size, the installation will be loose, and water will leak, or you will not be able to install it in the first place, leading to failure.

If you pay attention to the following two points, you can prevent mistakes in buying, so please use them as a reference when choosing.

Choose from the same manufacturer

Shower heads sold by the same manufacturer are the same size so that you can prevent mistakes. It will be a simple guide if you are not so particular about the shower head.

Choose with adapter

If you want to install your favorite shower head, it is recommended to choose the product with an “adapter.” An adapter is a part that connects a hose and a shower head well. In this case, note the manufacturer’s name on the hose or shower head, and check if the adapter is compatible.

What is the correct procedure?

Once you have a new shower head, all you have to do is replace it. There is nothing to prepare. Let’s proceed with the following steps.

1. Set the adapter

If you use an adapter, attach it to a new shower head in advance.

2. Remove the old shower head

Twist around the base of the shower head and remove it. Be careful as the water that has accumulated inside will overflow.

3. Put on a new shower head

Install the newly prepared shower head in the reverse procedure of (2).

4. Check if water comes out

You’re done draining water and checking if it leaks from the joint. If the shower head is old, it may not turn quickly even if you twist it with all your might. In that case, put on rubber gloves and twist them to prevent them from slipping.

Don’t forget to check the hose

Like the shower head, the hose will deteriorate if used for a long time. Rust-like dirt may be stuck inside the hose, so why not take this opportunity to replace it?

A hose is sold in the same corner as the shower head, so bring it with you. Afterward, prepare a “spanner” to remove the nut, and you’re ready to go.

Shower hose replacement procedure

1. Remove the nut

Turn and remove the root of the hose and the nut for connecting to the faucet.

2. Remove the hose

Remove the old hose, paying attention to water spills.

3. Attach a new hose

Install a new hose in the reverse order of (2).

4. Make sure the water comes out.

After replacing the shower head, confirm that the water comes out correctly and is complete. Even if you remove the nut, water will not blow out at once. If you’re worried, it’s a good idea to have a slotted screwdriver and close the faucet. With this, the hose and shower head has been renewed, and you can return to a comfortable bath.

Replace the defective shower head for a comfortable bath time

The shower head and hose will gradually deteriorate if you use them daily.

Recently, shower heads with high functionality, such as water saving, are on sale, so you should take this opportunity to investigate various things.

If you replace it with a new shower head, you will be amazed at its comfort. It seems that your daily bath will be more comfortable.