What To Look: When Buying A Beanbag Chair

What To Look When Buying A Beanbag Chair

Armchair bags are a great and easy way to make a comfortable place to rest.  It would be best if you considered a few things before selecting a beanbag chair. If you do, this piece of furniture will become a favourite for everyone.

Beanbag chair: what is it?

A beanbag chair (other names are a pear chair, a beanbag, or a mattress) is furniture without a rigid frame, which repeats the anatomical curves of a person under his weight. At the same time, the body in the chair is as relaxed as possible, and if the height is chosen correctly, you can sit down and get up without much effort. A loose filler is used as a cushioning material.

Advantages of such furniture

Beanbag chairs have several advantages that determine their popularity:


There are no sharp corners or hard parts. This option, for example, is perfect for a children’s room.


This furniture will fit almost any interior, and the ability to quickly change the outer cover (if provided by design) allows you to change the appearance and adapt to the season or mood.


The filler adjusts to the features of the human body and ensures a comfortable position of the body.


Beanbag chairs are not heavy, so they are easily moved around the apartment, suitable as country furniture, on a picnic, fishing or on the beach.

How to choose the right bag chair

When choosing a beanbag chair, decide on the most important parameters for you – budget, place of use, and frequency.

Consider the following indicators:

Dimensions Armchairs-bags are conditionally divided into the following types according to their sizes:

  • Children’s (the height of the back is no more than 90 cm, and the width of the base is 60 cm)
  • Teenagers (height – 110 cm, diameter – 80 cm)
  • Adults (height – 1.3-1.5 m, diameter – 0.9-1 m).

Keep in mind that the taller the person, the larger the chair is needed. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to sit in it. To check the conformity of the pear chair to your dimensions, you need to sit in it and evaluate your feelings.


Bag chairs are filled with Styrofoam balls. The balls are more comfortable to sit or lie on the smaller their diameter and the denser they are. Now, more and more manufacturers are adding synthetic fur to the filler. This type of fur has a higher elasticity, which makes the chair less likely to shrink when someone sits on it.

  • You don’t have to buy models with crushed foam plastic as the filler. It quickly loses its shape, turns into dust, and makes the air in the room dirty.

But over time, any filler, no matter how good it is, loses its shape and clumps together. This is called shrinkage. About every one to two years, you need to add a certain amount of polystyrene foam to the bag chair so that it keeps its shape.

Outer cover

This part is what makes the chair look how it does. It comes in different colours and has embroidery and other decorative elements. Most of the time, this furniture is made to look like animals, cartoon characters, or video games. The outside cover is made of fabric:

  • Eco leather
  • Fabric
  • Velour

For example, beanbag chairs made of synthetic fabric are good for summer or fishing because they don’t get wet. Leatherette furniture is good for rooms with a not-too-hot microclimate (but keep in mind that the surface cracks after a few years of use), and velour is good for children’s rooms.

Because the bag chair doesn’t have legs and people move around in it carelessly, the material in the bottom part of the outer cover wears out faster (if the product is not lifted above the floor but pulled). When choosing frameless furniture, remember that not all beanbag chairs can accommodate pets’ claws or teeth.

Inner cover

Fabric chairs need an inner cover because it all stays in place when the filler is cleaned. If not, the polystyrene balls inside the beanbag will need to be carefully cleaned. If they don’t, they will break the washer.


You’ll need a zipper on the outside cover (for convenience, it should be long) to make it easy to take out and clean the inside parts. You’ll also need a zipper on the inside cover to make it easy to replace or add filler.

Other features

Look at the following details when choosing a beanbag chair:

  1. It is sewn into the upper part of the back, making it easier to move.
  2. Luversy Accessories are made of metal or plastic and have holes to let the air out. This makes it easier for the chair to conform to the body’s shape.
  3. Maximum load: This is given in kilograms and depends on the density and size of the filler, the material of the covers, and the way the design is made.